Thursday, November 7, 2013

To be continued...

It is so difficult to 'continue' when you don't want to jinx something.   I am smitten, to say the least. I want to make him breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Have great sex for a very long time and make him feel like the wonderful man he is.

Biketoberfest was the most fun that I have had in a long time.  The ride was wonderful. His friend Jamie was the best.  Although without a rider on this portion of the trip (from St Pete to Daytona Beach) was so sweet and never made me feel like I was not welcome on the ride.  Love ya for that...

As a side note...I love having my own bike.  It is a freedom that I haven't felt since dirt bikes when I was young.  I was always told that I didn't ride 'like a girl' (compliment?)...YES.  

But there is NOTHING better than being on the back of a bike with a man you trust.  Holding on and feeling the closeness of the ride.  The ebbs and flows of the road  Likened to sex?  Hmm.  The ease, the confidence, the safeness.  Every part of this relationship (and I use this word loosely) has been so comfortable, so 'easy'.  (Dare I say it)  So many coincidences. So many likenesses.

How do you just say, I know this is right and go with it?  He's confident.  Cocky? Charming?   I guess I am confident as well.  Can he handle that?  I know I am 'structured' but I am also, so vulnerable.  I want to make this man happy and know that when given that same respect in return, I can rock his world.  The love you give to me, you will receive threefold.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

It's been a long time comin'

I realize that I havent posted in a long while.   I felt that I didn't have a whole lot going on and that it just wasn't news worthy.  I actually had a lot happen that does have to do with growing older and with turning 50.  I also realized that the dating post earlier was never published.  So sitting at the airport in Chorlotte with time to kill, I opened up my Blog to write and there it was staring me in the face.  I did not remember what I said because it was so long ago, but felt it had sat there long enough.  It had to go out for all to see whether I liked it or not.  

Back in August, yet another man in my life felt that I wasn't for them.  This last one a real doozie.  I received a text one evening from his girlfriend of two yrs, letting me know of her and he AND a slew of coincidences too close for comfort.  Mind you, WE had been in a relationship for 11months.  She found out about me while on their vacation that I was supposed to go on.  It actually was easy to say "goodbye, have a nice life".  Have I become immune?  I deleted pictures, texts, etc and never spoke to him or her again.  But you bet your ass I'm keeping the gifts.  (Who would throw away a good leather jacket and misc clothes?)

So that is why I felt I was out there again, but I never went 'out there'.  I just wasn't up for dating.  There was still Summer left to spend with my friends and riding to do before it gets too cold.  Then I met a wonderful man.  Well, I actually had met him a very long time ago and then again 3yrs ago, but was waiting for my divorce to be final and it just didnt seem like the right thing to do.   Then my dear friend started talking with his brother who was in Taiwan. See, we had went to high school with them.  (Well at least his brother).  J was coming to Florida to see his older brother and parents.  I said, "ask how Mark is doing, for me.  I was so smitten with him and I'm curious". So she ends up going to see J in FL and stays at his brother's.  What luck.  Within an hour or so, I start getting texts from Mark.  

We have been texting and talking every day since but I started the second day, sending a picture of the shoes I was wearing for the day.  He asked for a daily shot by 9:00 am. He informed me that he was coming to Columbus to meet up with friends to golf in WV.  He came in on a weds to go to a friends and I went there to pick him up. He came over and of course he stayed with me all night.  We spent the entire day together and had a wonderful time until I had to drop him off to golf.  He texted and sent pictures of the fun their we're having, sans wives.  He called when they returned and I picked him up to stay with me yet again.   I had to go to work on Monday but came home to take him to the airport at lunch.  It was hard to say goodbye.  Not knowing when we would see each other again.  On the way to the airport he mentioned that he was going with friends riding to Daytona for Biketoberfest the coming weekend.  Not an hour later he texts and tells me to come for the weekend.  I text him back after booming my flight and said, "you have a riding partner".   To be continued....

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Herbal Face Food

I have tried so many serums, lotions, creams and potions for aging.  The latest was suggested by a friend and even better, it was free.   A ten day trial size would be mailed to me to test and let them know what I thought....and it is all natural.  Natural enough that you can eat it, so they called it Face Food. The premise is that what you put on you skin is so easily obsorbed into your body.  Thus, the harsh chemicals that almost all anti-aging products contain are harming you.  Think nicotine patch.

So I call this phone number and I get a message that the voice mailbox is full.  But of course.  A Natural anti-aging serum that is free.  Every woman over 35 is calling him. But, I get a return call from that same number, even though I couldn't leave a message. It was the owner, author, guru that created the product.  We talked about my skin issues and what he will be sending.  I received a vile after a long 3 weeks.  They make each batch by hand so the process takes time.

I am so excited when I open my vile that evening.  I wash my face and put a dime size amount in my palm as instructed, then onto my face.   Cool.  Hmmm. Noooo hot hot hot.  It feels like it is burning my skin.  I start fanning my face with my hand.  He told me it would tingle.  WTF, not tingly, burny.  About 3-5 minutes later it doesn't burn.  I then put on my lotion, because I have been trained serum, lotion, eye and  night cream.  What?  Its burning again.  Note to self, do not put anything on immediately after  the Face Food.  How could I possibly put this stuff on my face again?  I wake up and swear my skin looks better.  Healthy.  So I try it again, but I put on my eye cream first.  I soldier thru the burning sensation.  I may only be able to use this once a day.  
I see some results, but not the ones that everyone on his page mention.  But I cannot deny, that my skin looks good, pores are smaller and I really do not need to use any lotions, creams or anything else.   I choose to use eye cream, because you cannot and do not want to put this around your eyes.
I mention to my friends that it is weird, almost addictive.  A side note.  I have used this on burns, bug bites and poison ivy.  It helped with the itching and they healed faster.  
I have been using it for almost a year now (on and off) and will continue to purchase it.  They have most recently come out with a Supped up version of Face Food.  Which means, more "tingley".  No thank you, I will stick with the original version.

Monday, August 5, 2013


My workout of choice is yoga.  Don't let anyone tell you that it is not a workout.  If you think it's easy, then you are not doing it correctly.  Try a poses or hot yoga class.  Sounds simple huh?  Try holding those poses for 2-3 minutes.  Down dog for 3 minutes while sweat drips in your eyes?  Your arms start to shake and you want to collapse.  There is a peace that you feel after class that is unmistakeable and after the first time it clicked with me, I was hooked.

So, my yoga studio started offering a meditation class.  I thought, oh good.  Maybe this will help me learn why my thoughts go everywhere, but where I am.  For an hour long class, 30 min where spent talking.  And very slowly.  I wasn't sure if he wanted us to meditate on his words or he just wasn't sure what he was going to say.  Then we finally begin.  It would have been better if I had several pillows under my bum and my legs.  I couldn't relax because I kept focusing on my aching hips and back, as well as hearing him say "hopefully.  hopefully all beings will have happiness and the causes of happiness"   Where was the silence?   Not all was lost.  I did learn one thing.  At the point that I realize that my thoughts have went elsewhere and I bring it back to the present...this is success.  Uhhhh huh.

So I decide to do the 21 day meditation challenge from the Chopra Center.  I can relax in my own home. I'll just lie down in bed and turn on the guided meditation.  I start listening.  Sounds great....relationships are the focus...."I could use that", "ok, I am at peace and open to the answers to good relationship building"..... zzzzzzzzz    "Damn it".  I must have been too relaxed.   "How am I going to find myself and have great relationships if I keep falling asleep".  So tonight I will try to sit up in bed with my back against the headboard for support and find enlightenment.
Wish me luck.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Blood Red Sunset

This evening was the highlight of a very stressful day.  My sweetheart came over to change the oil in my motorcycle.  We had good pizza and wings delivered for dinner and decided to get the oil flowing and head out for a short ride.  Before we left there was a quick rain with big drops, then clear skies and that sweet smell of Summer rain...ahhh
We head out and ride around Hoover Reservour.  Even thru the rain clouds we can see the sun setting.  We cross a bridge and the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen in Ohio was on our left.  A blood red sunset made better by her reflection off the water.  Gorgeous!  
On the ride home and just around a turn, is a momma deer and her baby.  Just standing there at the edge of the trees in front of her baby as if stopping her until it was safe to cross.   I absolutely love nature and feel so close to it when riding.  Thank you for changing my view and ending this day so beautifully.  Namaste'

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I know this has nothing to do with getting older, but I have seen this makeup on toooo many women.  Stop it ladies and keep it natural for your daily look.

If you haven't seen Jenna, she is a hoot.  So much like the 'me' most people do not see.  I will apologize now if you are offended by foul language, but she is fucking funny.   I have seen this makeup on sooo many women.  Even myself on some days.   Enjoy and look for Jenna on YouTube.

Monday, July 29, 2013


The past 7 days of my 365 to 50 have been crazy.  You would think that I was on my period, except for the fact that I haven't had one in over 2 yrs.  And yes ladies, it IS WoNdErFuL.  But there are the bad that go with the good...  Clumsy clumsy clumsy!   Good news...

"Clumsy is not all in your head, science says, and researchers are studying why it happens to certain people.". The Today Show

So there was a gas leak in my home on Monday.  The smell was so strong when I returned home from work, that my main concern was to make sure my 10 lbs, 4 legged child was still alive.   I opened the windows on my way to my girl, but my immediate reaction was since the air conditioning was on and there was no explosion, that I could 'flip a switch'.  I know, I know, my father was a fireman, fire chief and fire investigator.  I knew you shouldn't turn anything on.  But I started a fan before leaving the house.  "Thank you for looking out for me."

Several trips and falls and blunders during the week.  Cutting the corner too close from my bedroom, past the square pillar at the bottom of the stairs to the great room.  That left a bruise.   Just plain weird things that happened.  

Friday I had only a beer out with the girls and after receiving my a half pint. (yes, you can order a 'half-pint' at most any pub.)  I took one drink and sat it down halfway on my appetizer plate and half off.  In slow motion, the beer landed in my lap.  Soaking my jeans and panties.  I shrugged it off cause , stuff happens.  

Then the Cue de gra.....   I get up early on Sunday excited that there will be Sun.  Tatorhead will not let me sleep in, so I get up to take her out.  It is a somewhat chilly morn.  (Anything under 70 is freakin cold to me).   Sweatpants are needed.  Jumping into the sweats on my way to the kitchen, my pinkie toe doesn't quite make it in, and catches on the wasteband.  I feel my bodyweight going over with no way of stopping.  I land with a thud evenly on the side of my thigh and then my shoulder.  Lying there my first thought is.....THIS IS HOW YOU BREAK A HIP.     "Thank you for looking out for me"

Note to self, sit down when putting on your pants.